Why You Should Get Travel Insurance

Travel InsuranceWhen most people plan a holiday, the last thing on their minds is insurance. What kind of insurance you may ask. Well, isn’t it plain to see: travel Insurance! So as you’re hurriedly packing your bags, take a moment to reflect on your impending trip. Is there a real risk that your journey may not proceed exactly as planned? Like a tornado warning resulting in ALL flights getting cancelled. Or, worse still, being caught up in one, and having to be emergency evacuated in the middle of a tantalising lunch. In a few words, things happen! All the more reason why you should get travel insurance.

There isn’t an exhaustive list of reasons why travel insurance is so important. However so, it doesn’t hurt to remind each other from time to time about any uncertain stumbling blocks.

  • Lost or Stolen Possessions. Insurance reimburses you for any possessions lost or stolen in transit.
  • Cancelled flights. Rough weather, faulty aircraft and air traffic jams are the norm rather than the exception. With insurance you can pay for overnight accommodation or reschedule at no extra cost.
  • Cancelled trips. You fall sick suddenly thereby forcing you to cancel. You’ll need to recover all the travel expenses to date otherwise it’ll be an utter waste.
  • Health emergencies. Your bungee jump goes wrong and you’re hospitalised for a week. All those expenses will be covered by travel insurance.

Discuss Your Itinerary

Put the centerpiece on your long awaited vacation by sitting down with your travel insurance agent before jetting away. One common trap people fall into is to just sign without a care in the world. Like, why bother? For as long as I’m “covered” what’s the big deal? Well, sorry to blow your bubble but the dig deal is that you may have paid way too little for the nature of your holiday, which apparently includes dangerous activities like bungee jumping. On the other hand you may have paid too much if your going to be sun bathing and partying the entire week.

So sit down with your agent and talk details instead of where to sign.

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